Call Anti-white Bigotry by Its Name

One important step in fighting anti-white bigotry is to label it as such.

It needs to be called “anti-white bigotry” because that term is absolutely clear, self-explanatory, and uncompromising.

Feckless mainstream conservatives have invented numerous terms that avoid stating the blunt truth of what we are dealing with and only obscure the issue:

-”double standards” : these exist yes, but are mere symptoms a single underlying principle: anti-white bigotry.

-”reverse racism”: when people hear the term racism they associate it with anti-black bigotry, the “reverse” part is too indirect, and the left has taken to defining racism as “power plus prejudice” which can be refuted, but is a waste of time.

-”who whom”: Apologies to Steve, but this is too obscure. Lenin’s dictum does sum up the mindset of identity politics in an abstract sense, but it doesn’t clearly state exactly what we are dealing with, which is anti-white bigotry.

-”political correctness”: this is too vague and can refer to all kinds of leftist thought control, from feminism to anti-racism. I think it also trivializes, since people tend to associate it with petty things like calling short people vertically challenged. It’s become a joke, and anti-white bigotry isn’t a joke.

-”Cultural Marxism”: no one who hears this term for the first time can have any idea of what it means. If explaining your vocabulary requires a history lesson about the evolution of Marxist theory from the Marx to Lenin to Gramsci to the Frankfurt School, then it’s useless for activism. And it sounds like pretentious jargon.

-”Anarcho-tyranny”: again no one who hears this for the first time can know what it means. It sounds like jargon. And like double standards, it is just a symptom of a deeper cause.

Call it “anti-white bigotry”.


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