From a review of “Boyhood”

Movie reviewer Steven W. Thrasher writes in The Guardian:

“indeed, when we are left longing so clearly for Mason’s success despite his being a rather mediocre shit – it reinforces a supremacist mindset about the value of darling white boyhood”

Hoping a young person, even a “rather mediocre” young person, will be see some degree of “success” in life is just basic human decency. But for a leftist like this movie reviewer, regarding white men with basic human decency is incredibly dangerous because it raises an issue much more important to them than basic human decency, and that is the all-important specter of white supremacism. For them, white people having normal human feelings for other white people is white supremacism. For them, white people just going about their lives is white supremacism.

This is demented anti-white bigotry.

I think most white racists, even of the stormfront variety, if they were to watch a movie about a young black man growing up they would somewhere in their hearts want to see him attain a decent life, rather than fall into crime, drugs, or such disaster. This is just normal human empathy, and I don’t think they would feel guilty about feeling this way.

But the left has become so thoroughgoing in their anti-white bigotry that they consciously and intentionally try suppress normal feelings of empathy and basic human decency when they are directed towards white men.

By writing about it in such a way this critic gives a warning to others: “you also had better feel guilty about any human decency you might feel towards whites.”

Since the emotions involved are basic human nature, demonizing them turns them into a convenient left wing equivalent to original sin. Only by submitting to a baptism of diversity training and critical race theory can a white be saved from the danger to their soul posed by having these feelings.

Steve writes a lot about how the left won’t let empirical evidence place any limits on their anti-white ideology, but this is an example of how they won’t let human emotion get in their way either. It’s a small and unimportant example compared to Rotherham, but still instructive.


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